Justin Case

Justin Case is a brand name that embodies the commonly used phrase just in case. The unexpected can and does happen and the phrase intends to describe the action taken to mitigate an unfavourable outcome.

Just in case definition in English

To provide one with protection in the event of something unexpected happening regardless of whether it does or does not become true. The shortest and simplest definition would be ‘if’ and can be used as synonym.

a. Take a precautionary action

The act of doing something in response to an event that may or may not happen.

I’m taking an umbrella just in case where the reason is understood to be assumed.

b. To engage in an alternative possibility in the event the likely outcome does not occur or becomes false.

An action taken to reference the chance that something vague may happen without stating anything specific. I bought travel insurance just in case something happens when I am on my holiday in Bali.


State a method of remaining safe or out of harms way from an event they may happen and become true. Take an umbrella with you just in case it rains.

Just in case is an idiom which means it is a collection of words that combined in usage have meaning that one is not inferable from the singular words.


  • I bought travel insurance just in case something happens when I am on my holiday in Bali.

  • I keep the plumbers contact details on my fridge just in case I have a blocked drain emergency.

  • Just in case I’m late, you can start the game without me.

c. Used to describe the Just-In-Case (JIC) manufacturing system

Over or contingency supply in the event supply chain issues effect production so that production can be maintained at relatively normal levels and not substantially be impacted. For example if parts don’t arrive on the scheduled day due to logistic issues or labour shortages if illness affects more staff than usual.

This term is generally related to more traditional manufacturing methods to ensure sufficient supply of components, supplies, parts, labour, warehousing and transportation.

Modern transportation and systems have moved most manufacturing to the Just-In-Time (JIT) method to meet needs.


The Idioms considers the phrase has existed from the 17th century.

It is further theorised it has come from the legal system. Just comes from the term Justice and ‘in case’ would refer to trespass relating to injury or damage, ‘trespass on the case’

How do you use just in case?

Just in case is a common phrase used commonly as an action taken prior to ‘if’ something unexpected happens. For example:

  • Mum gave me an extra $5 just in case it costs more than expected.

  • I’ll keep an eye on your plants and give them a water just in case it doesn’t rain and they need it.

  • I called a mobile mechanic just in case it isn’t going to make it to the mechanics.

Justin Case Examples

The Brand

The brand Justin Case uses the persona of the fictional character. Justin is a cautious character who prepares for the unexpected.

The brand is interchangeable between products that can be considered

The Insurance Company

JustInCase is a Japanese insurance company that focuses on bring new and innovative types of insurance to market.

The Movie

A 1988 film entitled Justin Case was a film created by Blake Edwards. A private investigator named Justin Case was played by George Denis Patrick Carlin who is discovered deceased in his office by the character Jennifer Spalding played by Molly Hagan

The Writers

High B. Cave was an American writer born 1910 and used the name Justin Case pseudonym in the 1930s and early 40s before dying in 2004.

Rupert Seeley Gleadow also took the Justin Case pen name. He was born 22 January 1909 in Leicester England and was booth an author and lawyer. When he wrot eon legal matters he used the pseudonym.

The Band

The band Justincase could be considered an alternative-pop band made up of the Tosco siblings Justin, Hannah and Nick. They were from Charlotte in North Carolina and signed by Maverick Records from 19998 to 2003/ They released their most popular single Don’t Cry for Us which in 2002 which Justin co-wrote with Michell Branch.

The Musician

Justin Case is an artist based in in Kerville, Texas. He has a single called "Up There" with his label Dope House Records

History of the name Justin

Justin a common name in English speaking countries today and started to be so from about the second half of the 20th century.

Originally it is from the Latin name Justinus which as the name of a number of early saints. The name was derived from Justus, the meaning of Justus is just or fair.

Famous Justin's

Justin Bieber

Singer and songwriter

Justin Timberlake

Singer, songwriter and actor

Justin Pierre James Trudeau

Prime Minister of Canada

Justin Matyr

A Christian apologist who was martyred

Just in case FAQs

Is it just in case, justin case or just incase?

The correct term is just in case. The phrase ‘Incase’ is not a word by itself, it would need to be ‘in & ‘case’. However, Justin Case could be a person’s name, Justin being a common first name for males and Case could be a surname. You may have heard the word ‘encase’ which means to surround, cover or enclose an item in a case or tight-fitting surround.

How do you write just in case?

The phrase is written ‘just in case’, just incase is a common misspelling because of spelling of encase (the verb). An alternative spelling is Justin Case if it is a persons name.

Is just in case formal?

Not necessarily, if you would like to use more formal language, omit the word ‘just’ so it would become ‘in case’. Alternatively you could replace the phrase with ‘if’.

What does mean just in case?

The phrase just in case means to act on something prior to a possible thing that may or may not happen.


My dog has pet insurance cover just in case I need to take it to the vet.