About Justin Case

When something goes wrong in life, a car accident, financial hardship, a relationship break-up, it’s generally the sum of events or decisions or circumstances that leads to the outcome.

If we knew yesterday what we know today, we wouldn’t always make the same decisions. We’d also avoid decisions that compound problems into even more serious life events.

Who is Justin Case?

Introducing Justin, Justin Case. He is a brand name and persona for the brand name Justin Case, a fictional character and the face of the brand Justin Case.

Justin Case believes in providing information or products so people can make the best decisions they can about tomorrow.

How Justin Case Can Help

  • Educate travellers, drivers, home owners, bike riders and more about the risks in life.

  • Inform us all about reducing the risk of events occurring which can impact lives emotionally, practically or financially.

  • Present information and products to help you work out the right products for you which can reduce the impact of events through protection, safety, assistance and financial reimbursement.

  • Helping all us understand when “If” becomes a realty and happens.

Justin Case's Early Life

Justin is the son of helicopter parents Mike and Carol Case. He is their first child and they treasured him by looking out for him from the day he was born. He has one sister whose name is Justine Case.

He was one of the first children to be bundled into a baby capsule in a car. He was also the kid in the shopping centre on a lead, the child who wore a mouth guard at soccer and was the friend who wore a bike helmet before it was even the law to do so.

This continued in his teenage years as he diligently applied his sunscreen, reminded us to wear our seat belt every time we got in the car and learnt the valuable lesson from Cub Scouts to “be prepared”.

In his adult years, he ate super food kale before you’d even heard of it, he watched his carb intake before books were written about it, made his own avo on toast at home so he could purchase an investment property at 22 and always spoke up if he saw someone making a decision they may regret tomorrow.

Being Prepared Maketh The Man Justin Case

Maybe it was his namesake that guided his upbringing or maybe it was destiny. Either way, we’re glad Justin Case is the caring, cautious and protective man he is today.

Justin Case is here to help everyone know what you wish you knew yesterday and be your seat belt in life just in case ‘if’ happens.

He may not sound like the most amazing and exciting person to you, but he really is a nice guy. The loving upbringing under the guidance of his parents instilled a kind caring nature. It made Justin the man he is today, a man who explores but it also created a boundary to have safe life experiences.