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Travel Insurance for skiing, snowboarding & snow sports

Are you keen to carve up the slopes on a snowboard or skis? Skate on a frozen lake, glide across the arctic tundra behind a team of huskies, or zoom down an ice luge?

Whatever winter sports you’re into, make sure you have travel insurance that covers all the skiing, snowboarding and snow activities you want to do.

Even if you’re an experienced skier or have been carving up the same runs for years, you can never be sure something unexpected won’t happen on your next trip. 

A fellow thrill-seeker may make an unexpected move, you might hit a patch of ice or mogul the wrong way, or come off second best with an obstacle on the way down. You might not even make it out of the lodge if the weather closes in unexpectedly and shuts the lifts down completely!

A Fast Cover Snow Sports Plus policy provides cover for these types of scenarios, plus a range of other benefits.

Who can buy Snow Sports travel insurance?

Ski and snow sports holidays are generally riskier than a holiday spent relaxing on a beach somewhere, so it’s important to have good cover before you hit the slopes.

Taking out Snow Sports travel insurance is essential for any travellers who want to do any skiing, snowboarding or other winter sports, no matter where in the world you’re headed.

Fast Cover can provide Snow Sports cover for travellers up to 69 years of age, even if you’re a novice skier. This includes:

  • Green run skiers or snowboarders taking a weekend break to Thredbo for their first time.
  • Expert snowboarders hitting the black runs on Mount Buller or the terrain park at Perisher.
  • Families taking the kids to the snow for the first time in Queenstown in New Zealand.
  • IEC Program participants on working holidays in Canada who want to hit the slopes on their days off.
  • Cross-country skiers and those who want to go off-piste, heli-skiing or cat-skiing.
  • Back-country snowboarders heading out with a professional snow sport instructor.
  • Travellers seeking the best conditions in top notch ski resorts in Japan, Europe or the United States for a week or two.
  • And the endless winter chasers we’re all jealous of who will be on the mountain for the whole season!

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